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2022 Bookish Year In Review

Happy Friday Gemmies! It's almost the end of 2022 and I thought It would be a good time to do my bookish year in review. I had set a goal for myself to read 200 books. I ended up reading a total of 245 books! I learned that this is my sweet spot where I can retain what I read and really enjoy each story. So going forward I will keep my yearly reading goal between 200 - 250 books.

I also learned a few interesting things about myself through my reading year.

I am a mood reader. I cannot stick to a TBR list, I tried and failed multiple times. LOL I definitely need to read whatever I'm in the mood for at that particular time.

I LOVE Fantasy / Paranormal Romance. I kind of knew this about myself but in particular in 2022 this genre became my absolute jam. While I read just about everything and anything, fantasy romance/paranormal/urban fantasy is my true happy place.

If It ain't Fae it ain't Bae. I love all kinds of paranormal creatures and monsters. But I have a special place in my heart for the Fae especially unseelie Fae. A close second is Vampires followed by shifters. This was a surprise to me because I always thought shifters were my all time favorite paranormal love interest.

Indie Authors/Books are where its at! In 2022 I almost exclusively read independently published books / authors and I have no regrets at all! The variety, spice level, diversity, and overall enjoyment is just there with independently published books. Publishing houses better take note!

Tying into the above item, I discovered a lot of new to me authors in 2022 and quite a few of them have become my all time favorites! Listed below are just a few.

Suzanne Wright, Juliette Cross, and Nicki St. Crowe - I will read anything these three put out

Caroline Peckham / Suzanne Valenti - This sister duo can write an entertaining series but they will put you through agony and pain!

Gemma Cates - So much fun and top tier spice!

K.F. Breene - I love her writing style and send of humor. My favorite series is the Demigods of San Fransisco.

Zoey Draven - I fell in love with her Horde Kings of Dakkar series and haven't looked back since

Well that is my year in review. How did you do in 2022? What interesting things did you discover about yourself? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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