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2023 Bookish Goals

Hello Gemmies! 2023 is here and I thought it would be fun to list some bookish goals that I have set for myself in the new year.

Goal #1: Read 200 manga/books

I set a goal to read 200 manga/books in 2022 and I blew right past that goal by early summer. But I found that this is a comfortable number where I can enjoy and still retain what I read. So I will not increase my goal amount in 2023. If I meet that number...great! If I pass it that will just be a bonus!

Goal #2: Create a home library/office

I am a serious book/manga collector and they are starting to take over my home! In 2022 I turned my home office into a library, but it wasn't enough! So now I have decided to add more bookshelves to my living room. I also want to create other little book storage areas throughout my home. I'm really excited about this one and can't wait to share photos once everything is completed!

Goal #3: Be Intentional with Book Purchases

This goal ties into goal #2. Like I said I'm a serious book collector, and they are taking over my home. I tend to buy physical copies of EVERYTHING even before I read it. Going into 2023 I'd like to start reading more books in ebook or audible format, and ONLY buy physical copies of the ones that I love. This will be a big mind set shift for me, but I'm hoping it will save me money and bookshelf space going forward.

Goal #4: Unhaul Books I Do Not Love

This goal ties into goals #2 and 3. I have way over 1000 books in my collection and I need to do an unhaul of any books that I do not love or will never read. A prime example is my collection of young adult (YA) books. I used to love reading YA, but I've kind of grown out of the genre and don't read nearly as much YA as I used to. There are whole series of books on my shelves that I know will most likely never be read. Un-hauling sounds a lot easier than it actually is. Every time I even think about getting rid of a book I get stressed out! But I really need to declutter and help these books find loving homes!

Goal #5: Read More Books by Indie Authors

The stories that gave me the most pleasure this year were from Independently Published Authors. I discovered some fantastic series and a lot of these books were 5 gem reads for me. I also found that a lot of the traditionally published books that I was really looking forward to just ended up being formulaic and fell flat. So in 2023 I am making it my goal to read as many Indie books as possible and help shed light on these titles. There are so many incredible books out there and they don't get the love they deserve. I'm hoping I can help change that!

Goal #6: Read / Re-Read Certain Books

This goal is super specific to certain authors/series. There are a few sequels coming out for series that I love, and to get ready for them I'd like to re-read the previous books. I love Suzanne Wright and Juliette Cross and would enjoy re-reading certain series to get read for the new releases. So I want to leave myself plenty of time to complete my re-read before February.

Goal #7: Read More Manga / Graphic Novels

This goal is an easy one! Manga took a backseat in my reading in 2022 and I discovered so many manga series thanks to my nephews. A lot of the series that I am really like are ongoing so I will continue to read and collect new volumes. Some of my favorites include:

  • Spy X Family by Tatsuya Endo

  • Yakuza Lover by Nozomi Mino

  • The Apothecary Diaries by Natsu Hyuuga

  • Rosen Blood by Kachiru Ishizue

  • Kaiju No. 8 by Naoya Matsumoto

  • Zom 100 Bucket List of The Dead by Haro Aso

  • JuJutsu Kaisen by Gege Akutami

Goal #8: Reduce the number of blog posts written

I typically have a new blog post scheduled for each day. I've been doing it for the last three years and it is exhausting! So I decided to give myself a break and reduce the number of blog posts I create. I'm thinking three times a week is a good number. I can always increase them if I need to.

That's it for me! I may tweak this list throughout the year, but these are my main focal points. I hope this list inspires you to set a bookish goal of your own. Please share your thoughts and any goals you have by leaving a comment below. And as always....Happy Reading!

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