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April 2021 New Releases

Hi Gemmies! April is almost here, can you believe it! Spring is in the air and I for one am looking forward to all that this month has in store for me! This is proving to be another exciting book release month! There are some great releases this month, but the books i'm most excited about is Witches Steeped In Gold by Ciannon Smart and Victories Greater Than Death by Charlie Jane Anders I had the honor of reviewing both of these titles and cannot wait for them to be out in the world. The book cover game next month also bears mentioning. I mean look at them all! Simply gorgeous!! Here is a list of some of the other books i'm excited about procuring next month. ​

1. Blessed Monsters by Emily Duncan Release: 04/06/21

2. Somewhere Between Bitter and Sweet by Lackan Zea Kemp Release: 04/06/21

3. House of Hollow by Krystal Sutherland Release: 04/06/21

4. The Serpents Curse by Lisa Maxwell Release: 04/13/21

5. Victories Greater Than Death by Charlie Jane Anders Release: 04/13/21

6. These Feathered Flames by Alexandra Overy Release: 04/20/21

7. The Forest Of Stolen Girls by June Hur Release: 04/20/21

8. Witches Steeped In Gold by Ciannon Smart Release: 04/20/21

9. Dustborn by Erin Bowman Release: 04/20/21

10. Alien Infiltrator by Weston Ochse Release: 04/20/21

11. Lycanthropy and Other Chronic Illnesses by Kristen O'Neal Release: 04/27/21

I'm really excited about these new releases. There is such a diverse offering and as always there is a nice mix of speculative fiction, fantasy, contemporary, the paranormal, and horror! What are you looking forward to reading next month? Let me know by leaving a comment below. Happy Reading!

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