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Hello Gemmies! I am so excited to be participating in the Blog Tour for Vampires of Moscow by Caedis Knight. This book is co-authored by the two wonderful established fantasy authors.. Jacqueline Silvester and N.J Simmonds. Together they are Caedis Knight. Both authors were generous enough to answer some questions for the blog. I hope you enjoy this interview!

1. How did you come up with the concept of The Blood Web Chronicles, and how did it change/evolve as you revised it? NJS: Jacqueline Silvester and I have been friends since 2017. Last year she called me with a ‘crazy idea’ about writing paranormal romance together and I jumped at the chance. The MC and main concept were her idea initially, they’ve not changed that much, but we’ve worked together to build the world and characters in it. The biggest changes have probably happened to Jackson, plus I added the missing Mikayla thread that runs through the entire series. JS: I’m a huge fan of True Blood, The Boys and Sarah J Maas, and I’ve always wanted to write something dark and sexy, but also funny. I’ve already produced a fantasy series alone, and I knew how lonely and frustrating it can be, so I decided to ask Natali to write it with me. I love reading about tech, crypto and the dark web – so it made sense to have the series delve into that too. I’d never seen that done before with paranormal romance.

2. I'm an unapologetic book cover ho and the covers for Sirens of Los Angeles and Vampires of Moscow are gorgeous! There is so much visually to unpack. How did you come up with the design? Can you tell me a little more about that process? NJS: Again, full credit to Jacky. She’s an amazing designer and created all the covers herself, although we had long meetings about the look beforehand. We studied other books in the genre and knew we wanted to have consistency throughout with titles and style. The colours and city details were a joint decision, but the crystal ball concept was hers and I adore it. Plus we took the bold move of having different characters on the cover, not just Saskia, which I think works really well. JS: Ha, yeah, that was me! Natali and I both come from design backgrounds and have had lots of experience with book covers, so we were very fussy about how they had to look. I was so relieved she liked my idea!

3. Can you share your favorite line from Vampires of Moscow? NJS: I think everything Lukka says is my favourite line. He’s such a unique character – crazy, impulsive and indifferent on the surface, yet deeply traumatised and vulnerable. He speaks in poignant riddles and I love that about him. JS: Apologies but this will forever be my favourite line- "Lucky for her they were all out of ‘My sister got finger-banged at the Bolshoi and all I got was this lousy t-shirt’ options." We laughed so hard when we came up with that one!

4. Is there one character in the series that you identify with the most and why? NJS: We’ve not reached the characters I relate to the most yet – but let’s just say they are witches who don’t take any bullshit. JS: Probably Saskia. I mean, I wrote all her sass so I definitely share her sense of humour. NJS: I second that. Anything funny in the book is all down to Jacky!

5. For new fans...can you describe the vibe of the Blood Web Chronicles Series in four words? NJS: Gritty, sassy, diverse, hot JS: True Blood in Europe

6. Have you gone on any literary pilgrimages? If so... where, and do the locations make an appearance anywhere in the BWC? NJS: All our books are set in cities Jacky and I have lived in (collectively we’ve lived in 9 countries and speak 5 countries) – so thankfully we have been able to write about places with real knowledge. She lives in Germany and I live in the Netherlands, so at least she got to spend ten days in Delft with me – although that was to work on structural edits, not research. When the pandemic slows down and it’s safe to travel again, we’ll definitely be checking out a load of places. A mini euro tour is in order I think! JS: Like Natali said, we have talked about writing retreats abroad a lot…but Covid stopped our dreams of hopping on the train and checking out some cool European cities. I’m lucky I’ve already seen a lot of the world, though, and I’ve also lived in LA, Moscow, UK, Germany and many other places…so we have lots of material to work with.

7. Stories go through tons of revisions. Is there a scene or character that ended up on the editing floor, that you can share with readers?  

JS: Actually we ended up adding more to the book than cutting.

NJS: True, although those who subscribe to our newsletter will be receiving a bonus deleted scene that belongs at the end of VAMPIRES OF MOSCOW.  JS: You are going to love our deleted scene! Can’t tell you what it’s about as we’ll give the ending away – let’s just say it involves Saskia, Lukka, Stepan and plenty of fireworks.

8. There are so many amazing paranormal creatures in Sirens of Los Angeles and Vampires of Moscow. Is there a paranormal creature that you haven't written into the series yet, that you would like to explore?

NJS: Without giving away the rest of the series, because all six books and two novellas are already plotted, we have covered the majority of ‘hot’ paranormals. BUT we may explore banshees, leprechauns, or pixies in future spin offs or novellas, along with different locations. Maybe. We’ll see what our readers want first! JS: I love the sexy Lord of the Rings Elves. I’m pushing for those! NJS: Oh yeah, OK, maybe I could be convinced by a sexy Legolas character…


I hope you all enjoyed this interview. Please make sure you purchase Vampires of Moscow and Sirens of Los Angeles. Both are available in ebook on Amazon, paperbacks are available for pre-order and will release on November 13, 2020. Are you looking forward to reading these books? Let me know by leaving a comment below. Welcome to the Blood Web and Happy Reading!

Genre: Paranormal, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, Magic, Contemporary, Vampire Romance, Witches & Wizards,

Publishing Date(s): October 15, 2020 (ebook), November 13, 2020 (paperback)

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