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Bridge of Souls Book Review

Hello Gemmies! I have a fun new book review to share with you today. Bridge of Souls by Victoria Schwab aka V.E. Schwab is a delightful middle grade ghost story and the third book in the City of Ghosts Series. I adore this series so much! Each book is full of mystery, history and lore, yummy food references, and of course ghosts! I know it is supposed to be for middle grade readers, but this story has just the right amount of creep factor and action to keep me entertained. I'm not ashamed to admit I even got a little scared at some parts! Bridge of Souls is suitable for grade levels 3-7.

Bridge of Souls takes place a short time after the events in Tunnel of Bones. Our main protagonist, twelve year old Cassidy Blake's parents host a TV show about the world's most haunted places. This time the Blake family heads to New Orleans to film the latest episode of their show. Like the first two books, the world building in Bridge of Souls is very detailed and authentic. We get to visit several locations throughout New Orleans and learn the history (sordid and otherwise) of each. We also get to go on a culinary adventure as Cassidy tries all kinds of delicious food......Yuuuummm beignets! I was immediately immersed in this world, and could imagine myself walking through Jackson Square.

The character development in Bridge of Souls is well done and I love the relationship between Cassidy and her ghost bestie Jacob. But I also loved the growing friendship between Cassidy and her human bestie Laura. We also get a little more insight into Laura's character. Like the first two novels we meet a host of interesting side characters, that way that help to move the story forward. It bears mentioning that the city itself feels like another character, not just a location.

There are currently three books in the series, here is the reading order to help get you started.

  • Book One: City of Ghosts

  • Book Two: Tunnel of Ghosts

  • Book Three: Bridge of Souls

If you love ghost stories, New Orleans food and lore, take charge kids, secret societies, spine chilling scare, and mysteries... go read this book! Published by Scholastic Press, Bridge of Souls is available for purchase from all major booksellers. I give Bridge of Souls four out of five gems! I can't wait to read more books in this series! Happy Reading!

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