Creature Feature Friday: New Manga Series Alert: Rosen Blood

Hello Gemmies, happy Creature Feature Friday! I have a new manga series alert for you today along with the cover reveals for volumes 1-2. Rosen Blood by Kachiru Ishizue is a new vampire romance manga and I am all the way here for it! Vampires are creatures too right?!?!? I cannot wait for the volume one debut in December.


Rescued from a horrendous carriage accident, Stella becomes imperiled by her saviors—a group of impossibly gorgeous young men who thirst for her blood.

After a horrific carriage accident, Stella Violetta awakens in a Gothic mansion to find that her saviors are gorgeous young men. The manor’s residents let her stay as a maid, but Stella soon realizes that their allure hides a savage thirst.

Levi-Ruin and the mysterious men who took Stella in have a bare kitchen…and a moaning box in the storehouse. After discovering mansion dweller Gilbert’s lifelike sculptures, the new maid faces a sinister reality. Can she survive the bloodlust? Stella must distinguish danger from passion as fear begins to feed on her!

Here are the release dates for volumes one and two.

Volume One December 7, 2021

Volume Two March 1, 2022

Published by VIZ Media LLC, Rosen Blood Volumes 1 and 2 are available for pre-order from all major booksellers. Are you looking forward to reading this manga series? Let me know by leaving a comment below. Happy Reading!