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Creature Feature Friday: Scar

Hello Gemmies! It's Creature Feature Friday and today I am highlighting Scar by Michael Cole. It's always sea monster reading season for me, and this shark tale fits the bill big time! I absolutely love sharks and Scar delivers everything you need in an over the top creature feature. We have mutated animals, an evil geneticist, murderous mercenaries, a sleepy coastal town, action, and more! Scar is scientific horror fiction fun! If you love cheesy over the top B shark movies, you will LOVE Scar!

Michael Cole knows how to put together a good sea monster thriller. I am looking forward to reading more stories from him, especially if they feature giant sea creatures. Scar had me fully engaged from the first page. We meet a highly ambitious and yup you guessed it EVIL female geneticist, Olivia, whose creation, a genetically spliced MEG/Great White Shark escaped containment. She hires a team of killer mercenaries led by Roark to recapture her hybrid but before they can even get started the shark named Scar, wreaks havoc on a small coastal town. There we meet a few other characters that are likable including the local sheriff Nick, who teams up with marine biologist, Lisa, and a local antisocial fisherman Barney, to go out and kill the beast. My favorite characters though in the entire book are a pod of Orcas that inhabit the waters off the island. There are quite a few similarities and references to Jaws in this book, but enough differences to make this feel like a different type of read. The action is pulse pounding and the bad guys make you really want to root for their demise.


Scar is a killing machine. Born from DNA spliced between the extinct Megalodon and modern day Great White, he has a viciousness that transcends time. His evil is reflected in his eyes, his savagery in his two-inch serrated teeth, his ruthlessness in his trail of death.

After escaping captivity, the killer shark travels to the island community Cross Point, where prey is in abundance. With an insatiable appetite, heightened senses, and skin impervious to bullets, Scar kills everything that crosses his path. His reign of terror puts him at war with the island sheriff, Nick Piatt.

With the body count rising, Nick vows to protect his island community from the vicious threat. With the aid of a marine biologist, a rookie deputy, and a bad-tempered fisherman, Nick leads a crusade against Scar, as well as the ruthless scientist who created him.

If you love killer mutated sharks, marine biology nerd fiction, and diabolical scientists go read this book! Published by Severed Press, Scar is available for purchase from all major booksellers. I give Scar 4 out of 5 gems. I hope you will give this creature feature a try! Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below. Happy Reading!

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