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Creature Feature Friday: The Basilisk of Star Manor Novella Announcement

Hello Gemmies, happy creature feature Friday! I have some bookish news to share with you today. The Basilisk of Star Manor by Kathryn Moon is a new standalone novella set in the Tempting Monsters Universe. This is the same universe that The Lady of Rooksgrave Manor is set in. The Lady of Rooksgrave Manor was one of my favorite books of 2021 and I'm very excited to read more stories set in this world. The Basilisk of Star Manor takes place after the events in Rooksgrave and features a new male/female romance between a morally grey basilica and a human. The Basilisk of Star Manor can be found in the upcoming anthology, Wolves & Warriors. Listed below are some of the other authors included in this anthology.

  • Kathryn Moon

  • Kathryn Ann Kingsley

  • Rory Miles

  • Loxley Savage

  • Aleera Anaya Ceres

  • Loni Ree

  • Sara Ivy Hill

  • RuNyx

  • C.M. Nascosta

  • Lana Kole

  • Lyx Robinson

  • Chloe Gunter

  • Flora Quincy

  • Lydia Reeves & Xu-Ji Westin

  • S.K. Reign

  • Lydia Guleva

  • Leann Castellanos

  • Jinx Layne

  • Crystal Ash (writing as Sophie Ash)

  • Clarissa Bright

  • Chloe Parker

Independently Published, The Wolves & Warriors Anthology will release on June 07, 2022, and is available for preorder by all major booksellers. Are you excited to read this book? Let me know by leaving a comment below. Happy Reading!

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