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Creature Feature Friday: The Mabon Feast Book Review

Hello Gemmies, happy Creature Feature Friday! I have an entertaining new book review to share with you today. The. Mabon Feast by C.M. Nascosta is a new monster romance and the first book in the Wheel of the Year: A Cambric Creek Romance series. This is a novella length romance between a witch and an arachnid humanoid monster. If you would have asked me yesterday if I could fall for a spider hero and ship one in a romance, I would have said hell no! But C.M. Nascosta has made a believer out of me! I absolutely love Anzan and Ladybug. The way these two characters care for each other and cater to the others needs just melts my heart.

Even though The Mabon Feast is Novella length, we get great character development. Ladybug is an absolute sweetheart of a witch. She’s socially awkward and trying to deal with the ramifications of being ousted from her coven. I immediately found myself rooting for her to win in every situation. I also love all the witchy lore and ceremonies baked into the story. In an attempt to make some money to not loose her ancestral home, Ladybug decides to take in a border. Anzan is a spider humanoid species that ends up renting attic space from Ladybug. He’s huge, reclusive, and a total mystery. His species is also feared throughout the paranormal world, but of course he is an absolute cinnamon roll when it comes to Ladybug. I love all the silent gestures and acts of kindness that he does for her. Acts of service is my love language so this really spoke to me. I wish we got to learn more about Anzan’s culture but I understand this is a Novella and hope we’ll learn more about him in future books.

Anzan and Ladybug have a very interesting silent relationship. They do not need to speak to understand each other and over the months they really get to know each other through small acts of kindness. After an event which I will not detail here to keep it spoiler free, their relationship turns into something more. But once it does, whew…. the steamy scenes are pure fire! I guarantee you will never look at a spiderweb the same way again. Now I must remind you this is an adult book and there is adult consensual sex depicted on page.

I would be remiss If I also didn't point out the world building. The town, the weather, and Ladybug's old victorian home are so creepy and mysterious it really makes for the perfect backdrop to the story. I actually read The Mabon Feast when it was released on Halloween and it was atmospheric and perfect!

If you love spicy monster romances with heart, read this book! Published by Meduas Editoriale, The Mabon Feast is currently available for purchase for electronic readers. I give The Mabon Feast 5 out of 5 gems. I'm looking forward to reading more stories about this couple and set in this world in general. Happy Reading!

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