Creature Feature Spotlight: Kaiju Girl Carmelise Series

Hello Gemmies! I recently finished reading the Kaiju Girl Carmelise manga series by Spica Aoki. This series was a surprise joy read for me, so I thought it would be fun to do a series spotlight for you. This manga is unique where it can fall into the science fiction, fantasy, romance, and slice of life genres!

I love my creature features and Kaiju Girl Carmelise is a unique, fun light hearted take on kaiju's! Kuroe Akaishi is our adorable teenage main character who just happens to have the ability to turn in to a kaiju when her emotions are heightened. Teenager....heightened emotions...kaiju's....what can go wrong?!?!? I had so much fun, that I ended up binging volumes 1 - 4 in 2 days! This is an ongoing series, so there is even more to look forward to.

Kaiju Girl Carmelise is heartfelt and humorous with fantastic artwork. There are even some Ghidorah and Mothra easter eggs in volume 1.


Suffering from a rare, incurable illness that causes frightening changes to her body, loner Kuroe Akaishi spends her high school days avoiding all her classmates-especially class idol Arata Minami and his groupies. But when Arata starts making her heart skip a beat with irritating regularity, Kuroe discovers that her illness actually has a big-make that MONSTER-secret: Romance turns her into Love-zilla...literally!

If you love Godzilla and just Kaiju in general, romance, kooky friends, light mystery, pancakes, and humor this series is for you! Published by Yen Press, Kaiju Girl Carmelise volumes 1-4 are available for purchase now. Volume 5 releases on December 14, 2021 and is available for pre-order from all major booksellers. Have you read this series? Are you looking forward to reading any of these manga? Let me know by leaving a comment below! Happy Reading!