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Dark Alliance Series Cover Reveal

Hello Gemmies! I have some new cover reveals to share with you today. The Dark Alliance series by Kira James has gotten new covers! This adult paranormal fantasy romance is dark, dangerous, and fascinating! There will be six books in the series and all titles and covers have been revealed.

All books in the Dark Alliance series feature recurring characters and focus on a different hero and heroine. Though each can be read as a stand alone, reading in order is recommended. If you have not read this series yet, here is the series reading order to help get you started. The entire series will be completed by February 2023 so you won't have a long time to wait for the last book!

Series Reading Order:

Book One: Embrace Me Darkly (out now!)

Book Two: Torture Me Gently (releases: 11/10/22)

Book Three: Tempt Me Deadly (releases: 11/28/22)

Book Four: Hold Me Wickedly (releases: 12/26/22)

Book Five: Claim Me Sinfully (release: 01/30/22)

Book Six: Hurt Me Sweetly (releases: 02/27/23)


A prosecutor newly recruited into a secret judicial system uses her position to search for the vampire who killed her father, only to find that he is the vampire with whom she has fallen in love.

Her search sparks a war that has been simmering among supernatural factions, fomenting deep passion and dizzying betrayals as alliances shift and the war threatens to spill out into the human world.

Independently Published, all the books in the Dark Alliance series, are available for preorder from all major booksellers. What do you think of these cover designs? Are you looking forward to reading these books? Let me know by leaving a comment below. Happy Reading!

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