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December 2021 Reading Wrap Up

Hello Gemmies! Despite all the hustle, bustle, and business of the holiday season, December was an excellent reading month for me. I read more than I thought I would. Between work, familial obligations, and some health issues I wasn't sure how much I'd actually get to read. I set three goals for myself in December and I almost met all three! Go Me!

1. Read the Wicked Villains Series by Katee Robert

2. Read one manga a day from 12/01 through 12/25

3. Enjoy the Holidays!!

I think the secret is out, that I am a complete Katee Robert STAN! She gives me the sexy stories with imaginative world building that I crave. My number one goal this month was to start and finish the Wicked Villains series and I did it! I was able to get through all six books. Woo Hoo! Also, I am so glad I read the Sabine Valley series in November. I didn't realize these worlds crossover into each other! It will also get me ready to read the Dark Olympus series which also crosses over into this world.

For my second goal I definitely did NOT read one volume of manga a day LOL. There was just too much going on, but I still made good progress, and even read a few graphic novels. Here is the full list of everything I read in December. Check out all of the titles below. As always I've split my reads up by Books and Manga/Graphic Novels.

Manga / Graphic Novels:

1. Creepy Cat Volume 1 by Cotton Valent

2. Beauty and the Beast of Paradise Lost Volume 2 by Kaori Yuki

3. My Lovey Dovey Wife is a Stone Cold Killer Volume 1 by Donten Kosaka

4. The Masterful Cat is Depressed Again Today Volumes 1 - 2 by Hitsuzi Yamada

5. Yakuza Lover Volume 3 by Nozomi Mino

6. Rosen Blood Volume 1 by Kachiru Ishizue

7. Kaiju No 8 Volume 1 by Naoya Matsumoto

8. My Androgynous Boyfriend Volumes 1 - 2 by Tamekou

9. Lore Olympus Volume 1 by Rachel Smythe

10. Scarlet Volumes 1 - 2 by Chiri Yuino

11. Persephone: Hades Torment by Allison Shaw

12. Dick Fight Island Volume 1 by Reibun Ike

13. Call of the Night Volume 5 by Kotoyama

14. Jujutsu Kaisen Vol 0 by Gege Akutami

15. Punderworld Volume 1 by Linda Sejic

16. Fine Print Volume 1 by Stjepan Sejic


1. Desperate Measures by Katee Robert

2. Learn My Lesson by Katee Robert

3. A Worthy Opponent by Katee Robert

4. The Beast by Katee Robert

5. The Sea Witch by Katee Robert

6. Queen Takes Rose by Katee Robert

7. There Is No Devil by Sophie Lark

8. Dipped In Holly by Dana Isaly

9. There Arose Such A Clatter by C.M. Nascosta

10. Ho! Ho! Ho! by Rilzy Adams

11. Paddled by Krampus by Harley Laroux

12. Caught for Christmas by Skye Warren

13. Becoming Mrs. Claws by Lynnea Lee

14. A Very Krampus Holiday by Katee Robert

15. Dancer's Fated Mate by R.E. Butler

16. Cupid's Fated Mate by R.E. Butler

17. Vixen Fated Mate by R.E. Butler

18. Prancer's Fated Mate by R.E. Butler

19. Dasher's Fated Mate by R.E. Butler

20. Blitzen's Fated Mate by R.E. Butler

21. Donner's Fated Mate by R.E. Butler

22. Comet's Fated Mate by R.E. Butler

23. Santa Baby by Cassie Mint

24. Monster Whisperer by JB Trepagnier

25. Ruthless Creatures by J.T. Geissinger

Here are some basic stats for my reading month. I'm not going to get super complicated here, but it is nice to take a look back and see what I was able to accomplish in 30 days!


Manga: 19

Books: 25


Standard (paperback)






That's my reading wrap up for the month of December 2021. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the books and manga I read this month and it was a great way to end the year! I'm so looking forward to another great year of amazing books! Do you have any favorites to recommend? Let me know by leaving a comment below. Have a great day and happy reading!

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