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Devil's Cradle Series News

Hello Gemmies! If you have been following me for a while, you know Suzanne Wright is one of my favorite authors. So like any good fan I stalk her website and book selling sites for any news. And lo and behold I found some bookish news on her site as well as Audible's site. Audible actually lists the titles for the next two books in the Devil's Cradle series!!!! The Wicked In Me Released on January 12, 2023 and is a new romantic fantasy and the first book in a new series called the Devil's Cradle. I LOVED the first book and cannot wait to continue on in this series. NOW for the other news, this series has been picked up by a publisher, so we may have to wait longer for the release dates of each. I'm not sure if we will also get a rebranded cover and release for book one.

Devil's Cradle is set in the same world as Suzanne's Deep in Your Veins and Dark In You series. We first met the Aeons when they made a cameo in the Deep In Your Veins series. In true Suzanne Wright fashion, I'm sure these next two books will be sizzling hot, fun, and full of action, adventure, and romance. Listed below are the series titles. I don't have release dates yet, I hope we won't have to wait too long. but I will keep watch for any additional news.

Series Order:

Book One: The Wicked in Me

Book Two: The Nightmare In Him

Book Three: The Monsters We Are

The Wicked In Me Synopsis:

No one really knows what they are. Only that they’re the first civilization. Aeons, they call themselves. They’re immortal. Powerful. Secretive.

And they’ll come for her.

Witch Wynter Dellavale knows that for certain. Because in unfairly trying to execute her, they started a chain of events they’re struggling to stop.

Needing safety, she flees to Devil’s Cradle, the home of monsters. A place for the outcasts, the fugitives, the crazies. A place ruled by the Ancients, seven beings who were once banished by the Aeons. Among the Ancients is the infamous Cain, brother of Abel and embodiment of jealousy — who, on another note, wants her in his bed.

There’s a heavy price for the safety the Ancients offer, but Wynter will have to pay it. She can’t take on the Aeons alone. And she has no intention of dying — been there, done that.

Not that she’ll be the easy prey the Aeons are expecting. They have no knowledge of the … thing that lives inside her. You see, when witches are brought back from the afterlife, they don’t always come back the same.

And they don’t always come back alone.

Have you read The Wicked in Me? Are you excited about reading this series? Let me know by leaving a comment below. Happy Reading!

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