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Eldritch Sparks Book Review

Hello Gemmies! I have an entertaining new book review to share with you today. Please note: I received a digital ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest and fair review.

Eldritch Sparks by Whitney Hill is the second book in the Shadows of Otherside Series. I really loved this book and Shadows of Otherside is quickly becoming one of my favorite paranormal series. Whitney Hill has a knack for expertly mixing a crime mystery with contemporary paranormal drama and the human condition, or in many cases the un-human condition. This story is not only filled with action but it has a lot of heart and heartbreak. I'm keeping this review spoiler free, but just know I am giving you serious side eye for Roman Whitney Hill!!! That is all!

Eldritch Sparks was a super fun and fast read. It is very much a character driven story. The book starts a short time after the events in Elemental and our main protagonist, Arden Finch is dealing with the trauma from those events. She's also juggling her day job, staying safe, learning the limits of her growing powers, keeping on top of her new obligations, and trying to cultivate a relationship with Roman. It is almost more than one person can bear and it starts to wear on Arden. She is very hurt, flawed, and vulnerable. I felt this down in my bones since it parallels my state of mind a lot these days. These are also the qualities that make Arden such a relatable and likable character. Too often in novels the characters are super human and perfect. It takes something away from the authenticity of the story. That is not the case here. Arden is strong and growing stronger every day, but she is also dealing with major baggage and heartache. There are a plethora of other characters to meet....some old and some new interesting ones. We also get to learn a lot more about Roman and his family. I'd love to learn more about Maria, the witches, and other were communities in future books.

Eldritch Sparks also has amazing world building and a killer plot. We get a new big bad and the stakes are even higher than before. There are enough plot twists to keep you flipping pages all throughout the night. Eldritch Sparks like Elemental is set in the RTP area of North Carolina. There are hints of other areas like Charlotte and Asheville. Asheville is one of my favorite spots in the world, so I hope we get to explore that area and the wolves in future books. Even if you don't live in North Carolina, you will find yourself fully immersed in this world. There are no shortage of preternatural creatures in Eldritch Sparks. I mean this book has everything my paranormal heart needs, werewolves, witches, djinn, elves, vampires, zombies, kobolds, and more! Eldritch Sparks really has it all.

We all know that I am an unapologetic book cover ho, so i'd like to take a moment to appreciate this one. It is really gorgeous and a perfect compliment to the Elemental cover! I love the color scheme and imagery. There are hints of cool surprises to come if you look close enough!I also love that the cover features a strong woman of color, and immediately lets me know i'm going to be immersed in a world of magic and bad assery.

If you are a fan of mysteries, undead antics, vampire politics, conflicted werewolves, privileged elves, and kick ass heroines then read this book! Published by Benu Media, Eldritch Sparks is available for purchase from all major booksellers. I give Eldritch Sparks 5 out of 5 gems. I'm looking forward to reading more adventures set in this universe. Happy Reading!

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