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Girly Drinks Cover Reveal

Hello Gemmies! I have a great new cover reveal to share with you today. Girly Drinks: A World History of Women and Alcohol by Mallery O'Meara is a new gastronomy book that details the feminist history of women drinking throughout the ages. Girly Drinks unveils an entire untold history of the female distillers, drinkers and brewers who have played a vital role in the creation and consumption of alcohol, from ancient Sumerian beer goddess Ninkasi to iconic 1920's bartender Ada Coleman. I cannot wait to get my hands on this gem!


Strawberry daiquiris. Skinny martinis. Vodka sodas with lime. These are the cocktails that come in sleek-stemmed glasses, bright colors and fruity flavors—these are the Girly Drinks.

From the earliest days of civilization, alcohol has been at the center of social rituals and cultures worldwide. But when exactly did drinking become a gendered act? And why have bars long been considered “places for men” when, without women, they might not even exist?

Published by Hanover Square Press, Girly Drinks: A World History of Women and Alcohol will release on October 19, 2021, and is available for pre-order from all major booksellers. Are you excited to read this book? Let me know by leaving a comment below. Happy Reading!

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