His & Hers Book Review

Hello Gemmies! I have an exciting book review to share with you today. Please note: I received an audiobook ARC of this book (via NetGalley) from its publisher in exchange for an honest and fair review.

His & Hers is a new mystery thriller by Alice Feeney. I was very excited to receive this one to review. This story is full of twists, turns, and misdirection. Events unfold by being told from three point of views...Anna Andrews a news correspondent, her ex husband/detective Jack Harper, and the killer. His & Hers is a bit of a slow burn at times but a very entertaining read. Let's start with the story. The world building is descriptive and solid. We get two distinct timelines and stories that provide clues to who the murderer is. The dual timelines and slow unfolding of facts aid in telling one cohesive story. Trigger warning: there are some scenes with sexual assault and animal abuse.

His & Hers is also a well written character driven story with a diverse cast of characters that I found to be dynamic and complex. I have to say though, I found both Anna and Jack to be insufferably naive.....or are they? There are so many twists you honestly don't know and will be kept guessing until the very end. I may be blood thirsty, but I never rooted for a killer to win more. LOL The world building is vivid enough that you find yourself immersed in the story in each point in time. There are themes of revenge, grief, and betrayal.

His & Hers is narrated by two people, Richard Armitage and Stephanie Racine. BUT there is also a mysterious third voice.... it is of the killer. Let me tell you the killer's voice is super creepy. Both Richard and Stephanie do a great job of voicing their characters stories. Richard keeps a great pace for each of his narrations and he gives Jack a cool sarcastic demeanor. Stephanie also does a great job keeping pace with the story, she gives Anna just the right amount of naivete that makes the action packed scenes feel super intense. There are several supporting characters in this book and both Richard and Stephanie do a good job in differentiating their voices for each. If you are a fan of psychological thrillers, misdirection, murder, revenge stories, and creepy countryside villages then go read this book! This gem published by Macmillion Audio is set to release today July 28, 2020 and is available for purchase from all major booksellers. I give His & Hers 4 out of 5 gems. I cannot wait for this story to be out in the world for all to read and enjoy. Happy Reading!