Joanne Fluke Signed Editions at B&N

Hello Gemmies! I absolutely love the cozy mystery movies that Hallmark produces. One of my favorites is the Murder She Baked series. So Imagine my delight to learn that it is actually based on the the Hannah Swensen cozy mystery books by Joanne Fluke! And on top of that, there are soon to be 25 books in the series!! Coconut Layer Cake Murder will be the 25th installment to the series. Barnes and Noble has signed editions of the book available for pre order. Click Here to purchase your copy.

Synopsis of Coconut Layer Cake Murder from Barnes and Noble:

When Hannah learns that her sister Michelle’s boyfriend, Detective Lonnie Murphy, is the prime suspect in a murder case, she goes straight from a movie studio sound stage to the Los Angeles airport.

Back in frigid Minnesota, she discovers that proving Lonnie’s innocence will be harder than figuring out what went wrong with a recipe. Lonnie remembers only parts of the night he went out to a local bar and ended up driving a very impaired woman home. He knows he helped her to her bedroom, but he doesn’t recall anything else until he woke up on her couch the following morning. When he went to the bedroom to check on her, he was shocked to discover she was dead.

Hannah doesn’t know what to believe—only that exonerating a suspect who can’t remember is almost impossible, especially since Lonnie’s brother, Detective Rick Murphy, and Lonnie’s partner, Chief Detective Mike Kingston, have been taken off the case. Before everything comes crashing down on Lonnie like a heaping slice of coconut layer cake, it’ll be up to Hannah to rack up enough clues to toast a flaky killer…

Coconut Layer Cake Murder is set to release on February 25th. I am now adding a goal for myself to read this entire series! It promises to be deliciously good fun! Have you read any of the books in this series? Are you preordering a signed copy of Coconut Layer Cake Murder? Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below. Happy Reading!