June 2022 Reading Wrap Up

Hello Gemmies! Can you believe we are already six months into the new year? Time is really flying by. I have been loving fantasy romance and have been going through different series like crazy! All of the books I read were very enjoyable. I was able to read a total of 29 books/manga in June.

I actually didn't set any bookish goals for myself this month beyond finishing The Vale of The Stars series by Juliette Cross. Which I couldn't do since the audiobook release for the last book Hunt The Dragon was moved to July 19th. I have been going through Juliette's backlist and man I have not come across a bad book yet. She has become one of my favorite authors and now she is an auto buy author for me. If you haven't read her Darkwing or Vale of Stars series......do it! These two are companion series that are darker fantasy, with lots of steam, mystery, and dragon hybrids! Ugh I can't get enough of them!

For my overall reading experience, I had a pretty great time. I really enjoyed everything I read this month. Every title was at least 3 gems and up. I also discovered the Deep In Your Veins Series by Suzanne Wright, which I absolutely loved! I ended up reading all seven books within a week's time! I also really liked the Court of Starlight and Darkness series by Linsey Hall. Here is the full listing of all the books and manga that I read.


1. Rosen Blood Volume 3 By Kachiru Ishizue

2. Yakuza Lover Volume 5 By Nozomi Mino


1. Forest of Stars By Linsey Hall

2. A Kiss of Shadow By Linsey Hall

3. Hot Vampire Next Door: Season 3 By Nikki St. Crowe

4. Sinful Demon King By Nikki St. Crowe

5. Nightbloom By Juliette Cross

6. Windburn By Juliette Cross

7. Dragon Heartstring By Juliette Cross

8. Waking The Dragon By Juliette Cross

9. Dragon In The Blood by Juliette Cross

10. Sign Here For Horns by V.K. Ludwig

11. City of Thorns by C.N. Crawford

12. Lord of Embers by C.N. Crawford

13. A Queen Of Ruin by K. F. Breene

15. A Strange Hymn by Laura Thalassa

16. Dark Harmony by Laura Thalassa

17. The Emperor of Evening Stars by Laura Thalassa

18. Dragon Fire by Juliette Cross

19. Burn by Suzanne Wright

20. Here Be Sexist Vampires by Suzanne Wright

21. The Bite That Binds by Suzanne Wright

22. Taste of Torment by Suzanne Wright

23. Consumed by Suzanne Wright

24. Fractured by Suzanne Wright

25. Captivated by Suzanne Wright

26. Touch of Rapture by Suzanne Wright

27. Blaze by Suzanne Wright

Here are some basic stats for my reading month. I'm not going to get super complicated here, but it is nice to take a look back and see what I was able to accomplish in 30 days!


Books: 27

Manga: 2







Advanced Reader Copy (ARC)

Total Page Count:


That's my reading wrap up for the month of June 2022. I'm so looking forward to reading more paranormal/fantasy stories next month. Do you have any favorites to recommend? Let me know by leaving a comment below. Have a great day and happy reading!