MEGA 3: When Giants Collide Audiobook Review

Hello Gemmies! I have an entertaining audiobook review to share with you today. MEGA 3: When Giants Collide by Jake Bible is the third book in the MEGA series. This series is pure adrenaline fueled fun. When Giants Collide is my favorite in the series so far! Jake Bible has seamlessly blended the military action, science fiction, humor, and horror, genres into one amazing thrill ride!

MEGA 3: When Giants Collide takes place some time after the events in MEGA 2: Baja Blood. Team Grendel has completed several missions including taking down a Titanoboa (I hope we will learn about that mission in a future book or novella)! They have saved countless lives but have also made countless enemies. Our lovable band of misfits made up of of ex-Navy SEALs and scientists are now paying for their actions. Disavowed by the United States and pursued by numerous groups, Team Grendel finds themselves fleeing for their lives across the South Pacific ocean. But in true Jake Bible fashion, that's not all! Jake has delivered another well thought out adventure with even more twists and turns and secrets to decipher. There are plots within plots, tragedy, and of course....monsters!

The character development remains top notch and I end up falling more in love with Team Grendel with each book. Shane and Max remain my favorites. I literally laugh out loud at all of their antics. But, really, I just love all of them and their interactions with each other. I remain fully invested in all of their outcomes. The shark carnage is bumped up a notch, just adding to my enjoyment of this story.

MEGA 2: Baja Blood is narrated by one person, Neil Hellegers. Neil is the absolute best pick for this series. His pacing is perfect and he does a brilliant job bringing all of these characters to life. Neil adds just the right amount of snark and sass to successfully nail all of the dark humor. He is also able to add enough differentiation to his voice to give each character a unique personality.

If you love vengeful giant killer sharks, betrayal, high tech weapons, dark humor, intelligent sasquatch', and ocean adventures go read this book! Published by Severed Press, MEGA 3: When Giants Collide is available for purchase from all major booksellers. I give MEGA 3: When Giants Collide 5 out of 5 gems. I am really looking forward to reading the rest of the books in this series. Happy Reading!