Midnight Secretary Vol 2 Book Review

Hello Gemmies! I have an entertaining new manga review to share with you today. Midnight Secretary Volume 2 by Tomu Ohmi is the second magna in the Midnight Secretary Series. This was such a fun read that I devoured it in one sitting, and decided to binge the entire series! The cover design is sleek, modern, yet whimsical. This time Kyohei is front and center.

We continue to follow Kaya Satozuka's story. Kaya has proven her worth as an excellent secretary and professional. Kaya also thinks she’s come to terms with being a vampire’s secretary, and all the extra "work" that comes with that position. But Kaya keeps getting caught up in her personal feelings. When she overhears Kyohei refer to her as just a meal, it is too much for her to bear. I like how Kaya comes to terms with her feelings pretty quickly and takes action to remove herself from the situation. With Kyohei’s older brother's help, she arranges a long-term job transfer.

Kyohei on the other hand is in complete denial of his feelings and it makes him act out in even more brutish and arrogant ways. Some hilarious and seriously steamy scenes unfold as we find out how far each character is willing to go to accept and or deny their feelings. We also get to meet some new characters and find out some more about Vampire lore in this world. The vampire mythology laid out is interesting and I hope we get to learn even more in future volumes.

Both the story and artwork for Midnight Secretary Volume 2 are by Tomu Ohmi, and are really well done. I felt the style is well suited to the story and very clean and crisp. Now, I did mention this is an ADULT manga, and as such there are adult situations including sex and nudity. The sexy content in this volume is increased...... by a lot. This manga is NOT suitable for children or younger readers. Also, If you find themes like machismo, domination, or retro gender equality uncomfortable, you may want to skip this series. All in all I had a lot of fun reading Midnight Secretary Volume 2 and intend to continue on with the series.

If you like sexy vampire romance in your manga read this book! Published by VIZ Media, Midnight Secretary Volume 2 is available for purchase from all major booksellers. I give Midnight Secretary Volume 2, 5 out of 5 gems. I'm looking forward to reading the next installment. Happy Reading!