My Vacation Reads

Hi Gemmies! I am back from my winter vacation in Cartagena Colombia. What can be better than warm weather, soft sand, cool water, and a tropical fruit drink.......a great read to top it all off! For this trip I read the first three books in Laura Legend's A Vision of Vampire Series (Faithless, Hopeless, and Blameless).

A Vision of Vampires Series Order:

  • Faithless Book One

  • Hopeless Book Two

  • Blameless Book Three

  • Fearless Book Four

  • Timeless Book Five

Faithless Synopsis from Goodreads Cassandra Jones has never been that good with people. She's blunt. She's a terrible barista. To let off steam, she prefers kickboxing to yoga. And then she learns that her life has been a lie. Magic is real. Vampires hunt the living. And her mother's death was no accident. Now Cass is in the crosshairs thanks to her newfound powers as a Seer—an extremely rare ability within the magical world. Caught up in an ancient battle, Cass must decide who to trust as she races against time to stop the leader of the Lost vampires before he becomes too powerful. But things aren't always black and white.  Sometimes you have to kill the vampires.  And sometimes you want to keep one alive.

Hopeless Synopisis from Goodreads Cassandra Jones thought she had things figured out in life. Sure, she wasn't what you'd call a stunning success, but she managed. Then everything changed. Cass is a Seer—wielder of a powerful, ancient magic and a kickass katana. When her Aunt Miranda goes missing, she not only loses her mentor in magic, but one of the last remaining connections to her long dead mother. Her best friend Zach steps in to teach her how to navigate the Underside, and together they hunt the increasingly dangerous Lost vampires responsible for Miranda's kidnapping. But the situation is more complex than Cass thought. It's becoming increasingly harder to know who to trust, and they're all running out of time. 

Blameless Synopsis from Goodreads Cassandra Jones doesn't know who to trust. Maybe that's because people keep on turning out to be predictably human. Or predictably vampire, as the case may be. Maya betrayed her. Richard let her think he was dead. And Miranda had, in the end, left behind not only Cass, but the entire Shield organization. Luckily, Cass can count on Zach. His love centers her, grounding her as she learns to channel her powers as the Seer. But when Richard shows up with information on the Heretic's next move, Cass suddenly finds herself immersed in an Underside battle unlike any she's ever seen. She knows she will eventually have to face the masked champion in order to prevent the Lost from overrunning the world—facing the unknown is something Cass can handle.  It's facing those she knows that's difficult. They have demons of their own, after all. ​ I really enjoyed these three stories and look forward to reading the next two in the series. Have you read this series? Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below. Happy Reading!