October 2021 Reading Wrap Up

Hello Gemmies! October was another really great reading month for me. This time I set three goals for myself.

1. Take the pressure off myself from posting blog posts each day

2. Read a new to me author

3. Put together and decorate a TBR Cart

I think I did pretty well sticking to my goals. While I did not put together and decorate my TBR cart, but I did buy one, so I'm counting that one as half completed. LOL I read almost the same amount of books and manga this month. Most were new to me authors, and I found a few new favorite series. I especially loved the books that I read by Kathryn Moon, Dana, Isaly, Sophie Lark, Kristy Cunning, C.M. Nascosta, and Claire Kent. I also varied the genres up a bit but I'm still mostly in a paranormal / monster smut mood. Check out how I did below. I've split my reads up by Books and Manga.


1. Call Of The Night Volume 4 by Kotoyama

2. Mars Red Volume 1 by Bunou Fujisawa and Kemuri Karakara

3. Beauty And The Beast Of Paradise Lost Volume 1 by Kaori Yuki

5. My Bosses Kitten Volumes 1 - 7 by Yumi Hisawa

6. Vampire Dormitory Volumes 1 - 6 by Ema Toyama

7. Love Massage: Melting Beauty Volumes 1 - 4 by Toki Sunazuka

8. Zom 100: Busket List of The Dead Volumes 4 by Haro Aso and Kotaro Takata


1. Alpha Knots by Milana Jacks

2. Alpha Collects by Milana Jacks

3. Taste: A Vampire Quickie by Nikki Clarke

4. Lick: A Vampire Quickie by Nikki Clarke

5. A Lady of Rooksgrave Manor by Kathryn Moon

6. Games We Play by Dana Isaly

7. Queen Takes Knight by Joely Sue Burkhart

8. In The Bedroom of Medusa by Magen Cubed

9. Fire In His Blood by Ruby Dixon

10. Written by Kathryn Moon

11. Sweet Dirty Wolf by Milana Jacks

12. Four Psychos by Kristy Cunning

13. Three Trials by Kristy Cunning

14. Two Kingdoms by Kristy Cunning

15. One Apocalypse by Kristy Cunning

16. The Kings Spinster Bride by Ruby Dixon

17. Your Dad Will Do by Katee Robert

18. My Dad's Best Friend by Katee Robert

19. Gifting Me To His Best Friend by Katee Robert

20. There Are No Saints by Sophie Lark

21. Eve and Her Demon by Katee Robert

22. Headless by Aveda Vice

23. Hold by Claire Kent

24. Release by Claire Kent

25. Fall by Claire Kent

26. Rise by Claire Kent

27. Stalked By The Kraken by Lillian Lark

28. The Mabon Feast by C.M. Nascosta

Here are some basic stats for my reading month. I'm not going to get super complicated here, but it is nice to take a look back and see what I was able to accomplish in 31 days!


Manga: 21

Books: 28


Standard (paperback)






So that's my reading wrap up for the month of October 2021. I really enjoyed just about every single one of these titles. The only disappointment was the Love Massage manga series, I probably will not continue on with that one. While the art was well done, the story was not and it was confusing and felt convoluted at times. My favorite book reads of the month are A Lady of Rooksgrave Manor, There Are No Saints, Stalked By The Kraken, Games We Play, The Mabon Feast, and the Dark Side series. What books and or manga have you read this month? Do you have any favorites to recommend? Let me know by leaving a comment below. Have a great day and happy reading!