Rolling in the Deep Series Review

Hello Gemmies! Today, I am bringing you the review of Into The Drowning Deep and Rolling in the Deep by Mira Grant. I've been on a bit of a mermaid kick lately, but make no mistakes, these aren't your pretty lure sailors in type of mermaids. These mermaids  will just as soon as bite your face off than sing a song. Both of these stories are a bloody good time (pardon the pun). I cannot express enough how truly frightening these mermaids are! Adding to that fear is the isolation and mystery of the deep ocean that Grant does a brilliant job of making you feel. 

Rolling in the Deep is a short story prequel that reads like found footage of a TV mockumentary series. The action starts fairly quickly and as a result, I didn't get the opportunity to really get attached to any of the characters, but they were fleshed out sufficiently for you to feel for their plight and want to learn more. 

Into the Drowning Deep picks up seven years after the events in Rolling in the Deep. I love how Grant mixes in horror and science to keep events moving at a good pace. It was a bit of a slow burn, but there is enough action and suspense throughout to keep you engaged and on the edge of your seat. We also get the events from various points of view from all the key players involved. I need to call out the tasteful way Grant describes and includes several hearing impaired characters as well as the intricacies of sign language. The ending leaves the door wide open for a sequel and I cannot wait to read the next edition in this series! If these two books are any indication, it promises to be an entertaining, bloody good time! I highly recommend that you read the prequel short story Rolling in the Deep first to get the full effect of the story. Rolling in the Deep- Book 0.5Into the Drowning Deep- Book One ​Synopsis of Rolling in the Deep from Good Reads: When the Imagine Network commissioned a documentary on mermaids, to be filmed from the cruise ship Atargatis, they expected what they had always received before: an assortment of eyewitness reports that proved nothing, some footage that proved even less, and the kind of ratings that only came from peddling imaginary creatures to the masses. They didn't expect actual mermaids. They certainly didn't expect those mermaids to have teeth.

This is the story of the Atargatis, lost at sea with all hands. Some have called it a hoax; others have called it a maritime tragedy. Whatever the truth may be, it will only be found below the bathypelagic zone in the Mariana Trench…and the depths are very good at keeping secrets.

Synopsis of Into the Drowning Deep from Good Reads: Seven years ago, the Atargatis set off on a voyage to the Mariana Trench to film a “mockumentary” bringing to life ancient sea creatures of legend. It was lost at sea with all hands. Some have called it a hoax; others have called it a maritime tragedy.

Now, a new crew has been assembled. But this time they’re not out to entertain. Some seek to validate their life’s work. Some seek the greatest hunt of all. Some seek the truth. But for the ambitious young scientist Victoria Stewart this is a voyage to uncover the fate of the sister she lost.

Whatever the truth may be, it will only be found below the waves. But the secrets of the deep come with a price.

​If you are interested in reading a different take on mermaids, I recommend you dive into this series. Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below. Happy Reading!