Romancing The Inventor Book Review

Hello Gemmies! I have a book review to share with you today. Romancing The Inventor by Gail Carriger is the first novella in the Supernatural Society series. This series is set in the popular Parasolverse. This installment follows my favorite inventor Genevieve Lefoux. One note: This is a series and as such I recommend reading the books in order. Romancing The Inventor takes place about two years after the events in Timeless from the Parasol Protectorate Series. You can read this novella as a stand alone, but to get the most out of the characters and events, you really should read the Parasol Protectorate series first.

Romancing The Inventor gives us a deeper look into Countess Nadasdy's Vampire Hive life. This story has some very dark moments. Trigger warning this story is more on the dark side and there are some instances of verbal, physical, and sexual abuse. Parlor maid Imogen is a country girl preoccupied with providing for her family and hiding the secret of her sexual desires. She's also secretly a mathematical genius, unknown to even herself. She meets famed inventor Genevieve Lefoux while working in the hive household. Genevieve who's story i've had the pleasure of following since the Finishing School series is in her fifth year of indentured servitude to the Woolsey Hive after her actions in Heartless. Genevieve and Imogen are undeniably attracted to each other, but are unsure of how to act on their desires. This is especially true for Genevieve who is still mourning her lost love. I absolutely love these characters and found myself fully invested in their outcome and happiness. It was also nice to see cameos from other characters from the Parasol Protectorate series like Alexia, Connel, and Channing. Like Gail Carriger's other novels, the world building is detailed and the plot was engaging. Additional Trigger Warning: this is an adult book and as such there are instances of heavy flirtation and sexy scenes.

This gem published by Gail Carriger LLC is available for purchase from all major booksellers. I give Romancing The Inventor 4 out of 5 gems. If you like the parasolverse, fashionable french inventors, love and friendship, then go read this book! Happy Reading!