Series Spotlight: Dragon Tamers of Pyralis

Hello Gemmies! I just heard about the Dragon Tamers of Pyralis series and wanted to share it with you. This YA fantasy is about a Dragon Academy that trains the country's best and most dangerous, elite dragon tamers to protect the skies and act as executioners for the Fire Drakken.​ Dragons, action, high fantasy, and a main protagonist of color?!?!?! Umm why has no one told me about this series before?!?!?!? I just bought all five books and can't wait to dive in. Let us also take a moment to appreciate these glorious book covers! They are beautiful, powerful, cohesive, and just perfect! Listed below is a synopsis of each book in reading order to help get you started with the series.

Synopsis of Dragon Academy:

After her plan to steal a dragon egg from the Forbidden Ruins goes awry, seventeen-year-old Kaos is forced into enrolling at the Dragon Academy.

Her quiet village life is ripped away from her, replaced with a world of gigantic fire-breathing dragons, gruelling combat training, and cutthroat competitions. At the Academy nobody asks questions, especially of the deranged Headmaster—and Kaos somehow finds herself in his crosshairs.

The only people keeping her sane? A swoon-worthy lieutenant, her mismatched duo of friends, an alchemist who takes a shining to her, and her mysterious dragon partner, Ignimitra.

But as Kaos soon discovers, her dreadful past is woven into the dark tapestry of the Dragon Academy. What she finds will shatter her future. Can she survive long enough to unravel the secrets lurking in the shadows?

Synopsis of Dragon Guard:

Basically five minutes after escaping enemy capture, we're forced into the Dragon Guard. Our "promotion" comes a year too early, so it's no surprise that we're falling behind. Clearly, the Headmaster wants us to fail so he can get rid of us.

Ignimitra and I cheat death every day. And if that wasn't bad enough, the other parts of my life at the Academy are coming undone too.

  • My almost boyfriend is mission and presumed dead.

  • I'm separated from Irikai and Solra, and they definitely aren't taking it well.

  • That enemy capture thing I mentioned? The aftermath is eating me alive.

Throw in the brewing war that we're expected to fight, and you've got the perfect formula for a hellish first-year at the Dragon Academy. But my name is Kaos, and mayhem is never far off. As I soon find out, when you think things can't get any worse at the Academy, that's when they usually do.

Synopsis of Dragon War:

War is ravaging New Terra. When a surprise attack destroys the indestructible, Ignimitra and I are faced with the real stakes of the war—death and devastation. As part of the Dragon Guard, it's our duty to protect Pyralis and quash the Rebels' uprising.

In the midst of the chaos, the stark reality of our situation becomes clear. We're pawns in something much bigger. I'm not sure if I'm willing to pay the price of this war. Nothing will ever be the same.

Synopsis of Dragon Savior:

My mother is back from the dead. It's been more than a decade since she slipped out of my life, and now she's back—with a crown and mandate in tow. She brings with her the truth about the night she and my father disappeared.

Suddenly, my life doesn't feel like a catastrophic series of events anymore. My name may be Kaos, but now I see that there has always been an order to it. But with the truth comes great responsibility, and Ignimitra and I are determined to make things right.

And we will, even if we have to die trying.

Synopsis of Dragon Queen:

I want the throne. My escape from the Penitentiary leaves me craving only one thing—the power to make sure that nobody else in Pyralis has to endure what Ignimitra and I did.

There's only one way to do that. I'm Kaos Kressin, daughter of Branton Kressin and Katastrofis Ciaran, and I will be queen.

Series Reading Order:

Book #1: Dragon Academy

Book #2: Dragon Guard

Book #3: Dragon War

Book #4: Dragon Savior

Book #5: Dragon Queen

Genre(s): Magic, Fantasy, YA, Adventure, Dragons

I love these covers so much. The theme of female empowerment is consistent throughout. Independently Published, all five books are available for purchase now. What do you think of these covers? Have you read this series? Let me know by leaving a comment below. Happy Reading!