Shadows & Surrender Book Review

Hello Gemmies! I have an exciting book review to share with you today. Shadows & Surrender by Deborah Wilde is a super fun and delightful read. The third book in the Jezebel Files series, this book is part gritty crime noir, part paranormal drama, and part romantic comedy. With influences from Jewish religion and mythology this series feels Different from other paranormal romances.

Shadows & Surrender picks up right after the events in Death & Desire, and the stakes are higher than ever. Full of twists, turns, action, magic, and heartache I read through this book in one day! I cannot express enough how much I love this world and its characters. I am tearing through the series and am fully invested in the series outcome. The plot is well done and continues to build on itself as the series progresses. But, there is also a lot going on! Maybe a little bit too much? I would have been okay with one less plot point. You will definitely be taken on a roller coaster thrill ride in Shadows & Surrender. Trigger warning: this is an adult book as such there is adult language, a few sexually explicit scenes, violence, and one instance of animal cruelty.

We have our usual cast of beloved characters and the introduction of one cutie pie pug named Mrs. Hudson! I find that Shadows & Surrender continues to be a well written character driven story. Ashira is still super sarcastic, snarky, bold, smart, and headstrong. Ditto for Levi. I want these two to get together and stay together so badly, but they are truly their own worst enemies. Insert....super long sigh. We get some very steamy sexy scenes but we also get to spend more time with some of the other characters and learn a bit more backstory on them. I really hope we get to learn more about the Queen of Hearts in the next novel. Shadows & Surrender had a lot of heartbreaking moments in it. By the end I felt truly worn out and just want to give these characters a hug. Side note: some may also need a swift kick in the pants.

Shadows & Surrender is narrated by one person Hollie Jackson. Hollie does a fantastic job of voicing each character. She is able to provide each with a distinct voice and personality. This is especially true with Ashira who needed a super sarcastic tone to make her character's quirky humor come through. Each person felt authentic, and through Hollie's narration I experienced several laugh out loud moments. There are also a few gut punches in this installment, and Hollie is really able to convey that heartbreak. The narration is done at a great pace, it never feels too slow or too fast. This series is a joy to listen to and I can't wait to read the next novel!

If you are a fan of snarky heroine's, thrillers, Sherlock Holmes references, cute dogs, magic, and heartache, then go read this book! This gem published by Te Da Media is available for purchase from all major booksellers. I give Shadows & Surrender 4 out of 5 gems. Happy Reading!