Summer 2021 ARC Round Up

Hello Gemmies! I've been taking a bit of a break from reviewing advanced reader copies (ARC's) this year. I went kind of bananas last year and almost burned myself out. So in 2021 I have been really selective with accepting ARC's for review. For those that are not familiar, ARC's are pre-published almost completed versions of a new book that are given to industry professionals and book bloggers for review prior to publication. Now I am super excited to share with you, three highly anticipated ARCS that I recently received.

First up is Eternal Huntress by Whitney Hill.

Eternal Huntress is the fifth and final book in the Shadows of Otherside series. This series is fantastic and one of my favorites. I'm sad that it is coming to an end, but I am also looking forward to reading the epic conclusion! What will happen to Arden Finch and the rest of my beloved characters now?!?!?! Published by Benu Media, Eternal Huntress will release June 23, 2021


As Arden Finch races to fulfill the prophecy that will enable her to stop the Wild Hunt, a new clue leads her down a desperate path. Her search for answers takes her somewhere no mortal should go: the gods’ plane, where more than one danger awaits.

With treacherous gods on one side and rioting mundanes on the other, there’s plenty to deal with already. But old enemies and new have plans that will test the fragile alliance, and this time it’s not just Arden in their sights. It’s Troy and the Wild Hunt too.

With her options narrowing by the day and time running out, Arden must make the ultimate choice about what she’s willing to do to save the world.

I cannot recommend this series enough. Here is the reading order to help get you started on your reading journey.

Series Reading Order:

Book #1: Elemental

Book #2: Eldritch Sparks

Book #3: Ethereal Secrets

Book #4: Ebon Rebellion

Book #5: Eternal Huntress

I also received a review copy of The Bones of Ruin by Sarah Raughley.

The Bones of Ruin is a new YA historical Fantasy and one of my most anticipated reads for 2021. 1880's Victorian London, secret societies, deadly gladiatorial tournaments, and African tightrope walkers, what's not to love?!?!? Published by Simon Pulse, The Bones of Ruin, will release September 07, 2021


As an African tightrope dancer in Victorian London, Iris is used to being strange. She is certainly a strange sight for leering British audiences always eager for the spectacle of colonial curiosity. But Iris also has a secret that even “strange” doesn’t capture…​ She cannot die.

Haunted by her unnatural power and with no memories of her past, Iris is obsessed with discovering who she is. But that mission gets more complicated when she meets the dark and alluring Adam Temple, a member of a mysterious order called the Enlightenment Committee. Adam seems to know much more about her than he lets on, and he shares with her a terrifying revelation: the world is ending, and the Committee will decide who lives…and who doesn’t.

To help them choose a leader for the upcoming apocalypse, the Committee is holding the Tournament of Freaks, a macabre competition made up of vicious fighters with fantastical abilities. Adam wants Iris to be his champion, and in return he promises her the one thing she wants most: the truth about who she really is.

If Iris wants to learn about her shadowy past, she has no choice but to fight. But the further she gets in the grisly tournament, the more she begins to remember—and the more she wonders if the truth is something best left forgotten.

And finally I received an ARC of African Icons by Tracey Baptiste.

African Icons introduces younger readers to ten remarkable kings, queens, inventors, scholars, and visionaries who changed the world. This book is so needed and necessary. Often when children are taught African/African American history, it is through the lens of slavery. But, there is so much more rich history to share and teach. It's about time children (and adults) learned more about the greatness they are descendant from. African Icons is suitable for reading ages 8-12. Published by Algonquin Young Readers, African Icons will release October 19, 2021.


Black history begins thousands of years ago with the many cultures and people of the African continent.

Through portraits of ten heroic figures, author Tracey Baptiste takes readers on a journey across Africa to meet some of the great leaders and thinkers whose vision built a continent and shaped the world.

So that's my ARC wrap up for Summer 2021. I think these are three amazing books to break my ARC hiatus on. I appreciate that each is a diverse read as far as representation, but also genre. I look forward to sharing in depth reviews for each, with you soon. Have a great day and happy reading!