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Swarovski Debuts 16 Colors of Created Diamonds

Hello Gemmies! During Paris Fashion Week, Swarvoski debuted 16 stunning colors for their created diamonds line. The 16 colors are arranged in four pillars, each referencing a creative field in which Swarovski has always played a vital role throughout the years: Fashion, Art, Music, and Architecture. Each of these four fields come from a range of inspirations from paintings to sculptures, to couture fashion. Click here to learn more about the line.

The colors in the ART pillar are my favorite. The titles for each...Cubist Sky, Surrealist Butter, Neo Expressionist Pistachio, and Conceptual Blush are pretty amazing too! There really isn't a bad color or cut in the bunch, although I am partial to the cushion cuts. Do you love the colors in this created diamond line? Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below. Happy Reading!

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