The Bone Houses Book Review

Hello Gemmies! I have a book review to share with you today. The Bone Houses by Emily Lloyd-Jones her. Fallen Kings......I absolutely loved this historical horror fantasy! It was such an unexpected delight. I really enjoy historical fiction mixed with horror and the paranormal, so The Bone Houses was right up my alley! The mix of history, fairytale, and supernatural shouldn't work.....but it does! What makes everything come alive for me is the incredibly detailed world building Emily Lloyd-Jones has created. We get glimpses into village life and a complex magic and belief system.

The Bone Houses is also an extremely well written character driven story with underlining themes of duty, family, love, and acceptance of one's self. There is also a whole cast of engaging characters. I especially enjoyed Aderyn's relationship with her siblings. Aderyn is strong, independent, daring, and immediately want to know more about her. I mean she's a teenage gravedigger, what's not to like?!?!? And while the main characters were were the Zombies aka The Bone Houses! Emily Lloyd-Jones has managed to turn an overdone horror trope into something wonderful and new. Who knew I would love an undead goat so much! The Bone Houses are not here just for horror or shock, they add more depth to the story. There are plenty of plot twists to keep you guessing throughout. To put it shortly, The Bone Houses is a bloody good time!

This gem published by Little Brown Books for Young Readers is available for purchase from all major booksellers. I give The Bone Houses 5 out of 5 gems. If you love historical fiction, magic, weapon wielding zombies, and undead goats then read this book! I look forward to reading more stories set in this universe. Happy Reading!