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The Hunter and the Mage Cover Reveal

Hello Gemmies! I have an exciting new cover reveal for you today. The Hunter and the Mage is the second book in the Raven and the Dove Series by Kaitlyn Davis. This cover designed by Salome Totladze is gorgeous. The characters and color scheme are bold and striking. The Hunter and the Mage is set to release on September 21st.

Synopsis of The Hunter and the Mage from Goodreads:

IA mage written in prophecy…

When Lyana wakes in the Sea of Mist, adventure is the first thing on her mind. But between her unruly new magic and an unyielding young king, the world below comes with more responsibility than she ever dreamed. An entire civilization exists within the fog, and its survival depends entirely on her.

A hunter forged in blood…

Adrift at sea on a ship full of strangers, Rafe fights to cope with his new reality. He'll do anything to return to the sky and the people he left behind. When a surprising offer comes his way, he instantly accepts, sparing no time to consider the consequences.

Loyalties are tested and an ancient war begins anew…

With rebellion in her heart, Cassi defies her king and befriends the prince she's been ordered to kill. Oblivious to the threat, Xander welcomes her into his inner circle, determined to rescue his mate. As one works to help and the other to hinder, an ancient enemy stirs, forcing Cassi to choose between trusting the man who broke her heart and turning her back on everything she's ever known.

This book sounds amazing and I can't wait to dive into this series. Are you looking forward to reading this book? Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below. Happy Reading!

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