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The Meg A Tale of Deep Terror Book Review

Hello Gemmies! I have an entertaining book review to share with you today. June is here, and along with the warmer weather, is what I like to call Sea Monster Reading season. There is nothing better than sitting on the beach reading a great sea monster tale. I absolutely love sharks so of course I started this sea monster season with The Meg A Tale of Deep Terror by Steve Alten. This scientific horror fiction was a lot of fun to read!

The Meg A Tale of Deep Terror is the first book in a series about Carcharodon Megalodon (aka The Meg) a prehistoric relative of the Great White Shark. Once thought extinct, a group of scientists exploring the Mariana Trench unwittingly release one of these Behemoth's from the ocean's depth's to terrorize the surface world. Steve Alten has created a unique story full of fun science facts, pulse pounding action, an unlikely hero, a cheeky best friend, and an array of character's you just root for The Meg to eat! Now I must put a disclaimer in, this story was originally published in July 1997. I found the portrayal of women to be extremely sexist and the descriptions of the Asian characters to be cringe worthy. I'm hoping that is due to the time of when it was originally published and will not continue as the series progresses. That's the only thing keeping this for being a full 5 star review for me.

This book was recently made into a movie. If you did not enjoy the movie I urge you to give the book a try. The book storyline is very different and much better! If you love killer sharks, marine biology nerd fiction, and deep sea adventures go read this book! Published by Tsunami Book, The Meg a Tale of Deep Terror is available for purchase from all major booksellers. I give The Meg a Tale of Deep Terror 4 out of 5 gems. I am really looking forward to reading the rest of the books in this series. Happy Reading!

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