The Merciless Ones Release Date Change

Hello Gemmies! I have some bookish news to share with you today! Like most new releases dealing with supply chain issues, the release date for The Merciless Ones by Namina Forna has been pushed back. This is the highly anticipated sequel to The Gilded Ones and the second novel in the Deathless Trilogy. The Merciless Ones was originally set to release on April 5, 2022. It will now release on May 31, 2022. The Gilded Ones is one of my all time favorite books. You get female empowerment, action, romance, fights against a patriarchal system, and more! I cannot wait to read The Merciless Ones and see where this story goes next!

Synopsis: It's been six months since Deka has freed the goddesses and discovered who she really is. There are now wars waging across the kingdom. Oterans now think jatu are traitors to the nation. Deka is called a monster.

But the real battle has only just begun and Deka must lead the charge. Deka is tasked with freeing the rest of the goddesses. Only as she begins to free them, she begins to see a strange symbol everywhere in places of worship and worn on armor. There's something unnatural about that symbol; just looking at it makes Deka lose her senses. Even worse, it seems to repel her powers. She can't command or communicate with the new deathshrieks. In fact, she can't even understand them when they speak.

Deka knows freeing the goddesses is just the beginning. She can tell whatever dark force out is powerful and there is something sinister out there threatening the kingdom connected to that symbol--something merciless--that her army will need to stop before humanity crumbles. But Deka's powers are only getting stronger...and her strongest weapon could be herself.

Published by Delacorte Press, The Merciless Ones will hit bookshelves May 31, 2022, and is available for Pre-order from all major booksellers. What do you think of the cover? Have you read The Gilded Ones? Let me know by leaving a comment below. Happy Reading