Tips to Read More Books

Hello Gemmies! One of the questions that I get a lot is how do I read as many books as I do. I think I actually read an average amount compared to other book bloggers, but I do recognize that I read a lot. I read a total of 285 books in 2021. That was the first year that I actually started tracking what I read. My goal for 2022 is to read 200 books and I'm more than halfway through accomplishing that goal. If reading more is something you want to do, I listed some tips below that helped me.

Tip #1: Read More...If You Want To

Okay this first one may seem obvious, but read more only if you want to. If reading is not your thing, that's okay. Do what brings you joy. If you do want to read more, set a yearly goal for your self to help give you something to work towards. Please DO NOT stress out if you don't meet your goal. This is supposed to be enjoyable. I set a goal to read 120 manga/books in 2021 and I blew right past that goal by early summer. So I have decided to challenge my self and set my total reading goal at 200. If I meet that number...great! If I pass it that will just be a bonus! Just have fun!

Tip #2: Read What You Like

This may be the most important tip on the list. A lot of times people feel like they need to read what's popular or what they feel will impress others. That is the quickest way to get turned off from reading. Read what you like and what interests you! Whether that be books by your favorite author, or stories centered around your favorite genre or trope. If you like sexy blue alien it. If historicals are your it. Whatever interests you and captures your attention and it! There is nothing worse than forcing yourself to read a book you have absolutely no interest in. This also leads into Tip #3.

Tip #3: It's okay to DNF a Book

DNF is a book that you intent to not finish reading. I admit this one was tough for me too. I feel like if I start a book I absolutely have to finish it no matter how I feel about it. But you know what? Time is too short to read a bad book. If you are not connecting with the book you are reading its okay to put it down for a while or decide to not finish it at all.

Tip #4: Read Audiobooks

I started reading audiobooks about four years ago and I have not looked back since! Audiobooks give you a different experience from reading a paperback or e-format book. I especially love audiobooks that have full cast narration. It just really enhances the whole experience. You can listen while you clean or drive and its just great! You also have options to speed up or reduce your narration speed based on what your preference is. And if you have a library membership, you can borrow audiobooks for free as well!

Tip #5: Read Books by Indie Authors

The stories that have been giving me the most pleasure lately are from Independently Published Authors. I discovered some fantastic series and a lot of these books were 5 gem reads for me. I also found that a lot of the traditionally published books that I was really looking forward to, just ended up being formulaic and fell flat. So give an Independently published book a try. There are so many incredible books out there and they (and the authors) don't get the love they deserve. You just might find your new favorite!

Tip #6: Re-Read a Favorite Book

This tip is especially helpful if you find yourself in a reading slump, or are in need of a good comfort read. There is just something special about rereading a favorite book that makes you feel good. Like you are visiting with old friends.

Tip #7: Read a Novella

A lot of books now days are part of large series and that can feel daunting to start. And lets be honest, sometimes we just want a short pleasure read. If that's you, try reading a novella! These are books that are 200 pages or less. A novella is also a great way to get yourself out of a reading slump.

Tip #8: Read Manga / Graphic Novels

This tip is super fun! Try reading a different format of book, like manga or graphic novel. There are sooo many great stories and series in this format. I think there is a negative connotation around manga and graphic novels, like they are only for children, but nothing could be further from the truth. You can find a manga or graphic novel in literally any genre you can imagine.

That's it for me! I hope you find these tips helpful and find something to help. you read more this year. Please share your thoughts and any tips you have by leaving a comment below. And as always....Happy Reading!