Witches of Barcelona Book Review

Hello Gemmies! I have an exciting book review to share with you today. Witches Of Barcelona by Caedis Knight is the second full length novel in the Blood Web Chronicles series. For those that don't know, this book is co-authored by the wonderful Jacqueline Silvester and N.J Simmonds. Together they are Caedis Knight. Let me just start this review by saying I absolutely LOVED this book, it is my favorite in the series so far! Witches of Barcelona is full of emotion, murder, magic, sexy romance, food porn, boss witches, and family drama. Fast paced and engaging, Witches of Barcelona had me hooked from page one!

Let's start with the world building. Witches of Barcelona takes place about six weeks after the events in Vampires of Moscow. This lush vivid contemporary world is once again turned on its head as we head to Barcelona! Barcelona doesn't just act as a backdrop for the story, it is it's own character. From the locations, to the local customs, to the absolutely delicious food! Trigger Warning: read this book with snacks on hand, because you definitely will get hungry! Caedis Knight is also very good for pushing the paranormal envelope and Witches of Barcelona is no exception. We get the introduction of Crow Shifters and Fae's to really expand this universe! We also have a unique and complex magical system full of brilliantly defined witch factions complete with beautiful illustrations that represent each faction! There are at least eleven factions defined and I'm obsessed with them all!

Witches of Barcelona is beautifully written. This book had me in my feelings! We explore the damage family trauma and loss can have through several characters eyes. What makes this book special is the character arc our main protagonist Saskia goes through. Both interesting and complex, we see a completely different side of Saskia, and really get to see her come into her own. I think this book will resonate with anyone who has struggled to belong and has found a home with found family. Witches of Barcelona is a true testament to the powerful bond of sisters and friends, the importance of found family and the dangers that await along the road to self acceptance. But wait, there's more! We also get a mystery to solve, a cornucopia of paranormal goodness, witty banter, decadent witchy events, and of course sexy times!

This witchy world is full of diverse, malevolent, complex, interesting characters. I really enjoyed meeting Luisa, Rafeek, Beatriz, and Angel. Each was so different and brought another layer of complexity to the story. They were also relatable and endearing in their own ways. Second Trigger warning: this is an adult book and as such there are steamy romance scenes that are graphic but very tastefully done. You'll never think of finger painting the same way again!

If you are a fan of strong women, witty witches, steamy romance, family drama, enchanted ball gowns, heart stopping action, and page turning suspense then go read this book! I give Witches Of Barcelona 5 out of 5 gems. I cannot wait to read more stories in this universe! Happy Reading!


Genre: Paranormal, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, Magic, Contemporary, Vampire Romance, Witches & Wizards, Sapphic Romance

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