Wolf Gone Wild Audiobook Review

Hello Gemmies! I have an exciting audiobook review to share with you today. Wolf Gone Wild by Juliette Cross is an adult paranormal romance and the first book in the Stay A Spell Series. Let me just start this review by saying I absolutely LOVED this book! Wolf Gone Wild is a sexy, funny, engaging, fast paced, page-turning thrill ride.

We follow werewolf Mateo Cruz who has been unable to shift into his wolf form for a few months. Fearing someone has put a hex on him to block the shift, Mateo enlists the help of Witch Evie Savoie. The problem is Evie and her sisters have a hard rule of not working with werewolves because they are too dangerous. But once Evie sees how much pain Mateo is in she decides to help him. As Evie and Mateo get to know each other, a beautiful and steamy friendships forms.

Wolf Gone Wild was such a refreshing read. It gave me my paranormal fix while also mixing in a wonderful combination of sexy angst, humor, mystery, and relationship goals. I am an unapologetic geek and I also LOVED all of the Star Wars and Comic book references. The way these characters were fleshed out is amazing. I instantly fell in love with both Evie and Mateo. BUT, my real love is for Mateo's inner wolf...Alpha. Hearing Alpha's thoughts throughout the story had me laughing out loud and clutching my pearls all at the same time. Evie is one of the more refreshing female protagonists that I have come across in a while. Her sharp witted banter and easy going nature is priceless. There are steamy romance scenes that are graphic but very tastefully done. I wish I had a Mateo/Alpha in my life!

The world building in Wolf Gone Wild is a lush vivid contemporary modern day version of New Orleans. The location felt like another character. We get glimpses of every day life in the Garden District and French Quarter. There is a well thought out magical system, super sexy creatures, yummy food, and a mystery to solve! This unique story is not only beautifully written, it is a perfect blend of light mystery, action, and paranormal romance. All of these elements combined together helped to add an extra depth to the story.

Wolf Gone Wild has two narrators. Johanna Fairview narrates Evie and does a great job. She is able to convey this characters sass, vulnerability, and wit with ease. Aiden Snow narrates Mateo/Alpha and my god does he bring these characters and story to life! I cannot imagine anyone else better to narrate these roles. It really felt like there was a separate narrator for Alpha and Mateo. And Alpha's voice...whew! The pacing by both narrators is well done and the story never feels rushed. Both Johanna and Aiden add enough differentiation in their voices so the listener has no issue telling who is speaking. All in all Wolf Gone Wild is an entertaining listen!

If you are a monster maven, a fan of sweet alpha wolves, witty witches, steamy romance, drama, and page turning suspense then go read this book! I give Wolf Gone Wild 5 out of 5 gems. I cannot wait to read/listen to more stories in this series! Happy Reading!